Restaurant Review: Stone Park Cafe

Stone Park Cafe is located at the intersection of 5th Ave and 3rd Street

I’d like to introduce you to Stone Park Cafe, my new favorite restaurant in Park Slope.

I was on the computer looking for a place to go out to dinner with my parents. My father always insists on paying (insist away, Da!) so this meant I was getting a free meal and was even able to pick the place; this was a chance to flex my concierge muscles.  I knew it couldn’t be too trendy and I wanted the food to be simple, fresh, well-prepared and a good value. Where would the frugal gourmet go? I think I googled “Best Restaurant in Brooklyn” or something like that. I checked out Stone Park first because of all the places listed on the search results, it was the closest to my apartment. I almost couldn’t believe it when I read the first couple of online reviews. One described the wait staff as running around as if they had knives to their backs.

Okay, good reviews so far but no one could be this good.

My curiosity was officially piqued.

From the minute we stepped in and were greeted by the staff the service was prompt and friendly.

We started out with the grilled octopus. Let me first start out by saying that


while ordering, we had casually mentioned to the waiter that my dad and I would be splitting the appetizer. My mom doesn’t eat seafood and didn’t feel like having a starter. When the waiter came out with the first course he brought two meticulously arranged plates to our table. Two presentations for the price of one; sweet.  The octopus was, in the words of my seafood aficionado father, the best he has ever had. Little miniature slices of chorizo, just enough to compliment the preserved lemon cracked pepper vinaigrette shared a supporting role with the wonderfully textured fingerling potatoes. The hot little bits of sausage added just the right amount of spice to a thoughtfully balanced dish.

The atmosphere was casual and relaxed. The music was lively but not loud. We were seated inside near the French doors that open out onto a sidewalk seating area. Shortly after reaching our table, what at first we thought was smoke was a cold fog blowing in from the waterfront, bringing relief to the warm early Summer Brooklyn air. The restaurant’s location on Park Slope’s bustling Fifth Avenue is offset by the placement of the large doors and outdoor tables on the quieter Third Street side of the building. They are directly across the street from Washington Park/ J.J. Byrne Park where the reconstructed Revolutionary War era Old Stone House sits.

Being the frugal, blue-collar Brooklyn family we are, we all ordered Stone Park Burgers for our main course. Everyone remarked on the quality of the meat which tasted like it was most likely not traditional ground beef but a higher quality mix, definitely very fresh. They give you a choice of either Vermont cheddar, blue, Gruyere or pepperjack cheese.   I chose the Gruyere cheese and lurved it; the perfect amount of odoriferous flavor melted on my burger.  Along with the mushrooms and thick cut bacon, I was in burger heaven.

For desert, the three of us were easily able to share a generous slice of cappuccino cheesecake. It was bursting with cinanininimon (not a typo!) flavor. The creme anglaise had the richness of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; I’m glad we only ordered one! The coffee was awesome; bold without being bitter. What can I say but I wanna go back! Now! Seriously!

If you’re planning on going to Stone Park Cafe, expect to spend around 40 dollars a person before drinks. You can also take advantage of their prix fixe menu which costs 30 dollars for 3 courses.

On a scale of 1 to 5 Beans, I rated this restaurant using the following criteria:

4 for Affordability, 5 for Value, 5 for Service, a 5 for Food and 5 for Atmosphere. Based on the average of these five categories, Stone Park Cafe receives a total score of:

4.8 out of a possible 5 Beans.



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2 responses to “Restaurant Review: Stone Park Cafe

  1. I love grilled octopus more than life itself. Thanks for this review. I’ll head there.

  2. Thanks, Kitty! I’m trying to eat as much seafood as I can before the prices become prohibitively expensive due to the oil spill.

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