the Bensonhurst Plea


Yes, there are sweeter-sounding names for neighborhoods.

There are more trendy zip codes with higher rents and noisy night life. It is in these quarters where the renters are young and the landlords thank God for their corn-fed tenants.

There are more architecturally interesting, historically steeped places in Brooklyn. It is in these superior precincts that brownstone stoops are left vacant; where the kids are referred to as “children” and are raised by nannies.

Bensonhurst is the antithesis of gentrified North Brooklyn. It has low crime without high rents. It’s neither a slum nor a yuppie playground. It’s  honest and straightforward; it intimidates with its bluntness.

Bensonhurst is Brooklyn; the Brooklyn that people look down on. The Brooklyn from old movies, the hungry Brooklyn  that may just get its big break.

The Brooklyn that everyone is searching for on those northern streets that resemble sound stages.

Why look here?

“I mean it’s like a whole nother 8 and a half minutes from the rilly kewel *nabe* where the like *creative* artists and ya’know like musical people in bands? Are. You know? Do yew really expect me to take the train to the baar; that-is-not what I meuved here after college for.”

On second thought, you’re right. Bensonhurst sucks; it’s the Staten Island/New Jersey of Brooklyn.

Now, stay away.  (please?)



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5 responses to “the Bensonhurst Plea

  1. Why, yes you can get a “hell, yeah.”

  2. Tell ya what: tell them the rilly cool place is just a little bit to the west. Then maybe our yuppies and hipsters would move there, too.

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