Brooklyn Blizzard of 2010

Here’s a few photos my girlfriend and I took during the aftermath (day 3!) of this Sunday’s snow storm.

Buried car sitting across an unplowed 23rd Avenue from P.S. 226 in Bensonhurst


60th Street was the first plowed street we saw. The parked cars however, weren't going anywhere.


Traffic on Seventh Ave in Park Slope was flowing well. Bike lanes, not so much



Although Seventh Avenue was the most functional street we saw, traffic was still slowed by vehicles that had been left stranded over 48 hours before




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3 responses to “Brooklyn Blizzard of 2010

  1. Thank you for the great photos. I shared them on my FaceBook group Abandoned by Bloomberg.

  2. Louise

    I thought your pictures were fantastic and also agree that Bloomberg abandoned us folks in Brooklyn!

  3. Shirley Raymond

    Great pictures, someone has a good eye. Keep em coming.

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