It was the year 2011 and women were still overworked and underpaid in the workplace. To this end, Jason’s company enthusiastically practiced affirmative action when it came to hiring members of the female sex.

Toby, who considered himself a leftist, liked his ambiguously liberal neighborhood newspaper; which is published by a multinational media conglomerate owned by a right wing billionaire.

Maria, who is disabled from the waste down, had been calling 311 about the pot holes on her street for what was going on three years. She never asked for a bike lane.

Laura, who couldn’t afford the company health care plan, worked less hours in order for her family to qualify for Medicaid.

Sherman’s family emigrated from China for a better life. After grad school and seven years of dedicated service at GE, Sherman was picked to travel to India on the company’s behalf; to train his $5,000/year replacement.



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3 responses to “2011

  1. Colleen

    It’s so easy to get into a routine and just learn to accept the status quo without question always thinking to yourself, it could always be worse. Thanks for the jostle and eye opener…reminded me that the status quo is becoming less acceptable everyday.

  2. Louise

    Great article! You really gave me something to think about! Keep up the good work!

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