Welcome To The (Old) New Brooklyn

A real estate ad from 1924 advertises undeveloped land to potential developers

It’s been a while since we boarded the nostalgia train here at Wandering NYC. Here are some old real estate ads I found while scouring Google for the names of South Brooklyn developers and architects. I had hoped to save these for a longer history/ architecture piece, but decided to have a little fun with what I have so far.

Just to give some background re: the title “Welcome To The (Old) New Brooklyn”, it comes from a book I’m reading called When Brooklyn Was The World, 1920-1957 by the late great Brooklyn historian Eliot Willensky. In the book Willensky curiously divides Brooklyn into, not North and South, but Old and New. The distinction is simple: “New” Brooklyn includes the neighborhoods where most construction took place after 1920, as opposed to the “Old” Brooklyn which had already been built up by that time. The map of South Brooklyn can be seen as more or less shadowing that of New Brooklyn. So remember, when you’re looking at old South Brooklyn stuff you’re not just looking at the past, you’re looking into the future…


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