A Tale Of Two Hoods: Bensonhurst Is Really Two Neighborhoods


 I recently read an announcement for the Bensonhurst Green Market and have to say, I was pissed.

I love farmers markets, and I (sort of) love living in Bensonhurst, so it would make sense that I would be psyched and not disappointed at the prospect of organic Hudson Valley kale coming to a market stall near me. The problem is that I live nowhere near this event – it probably would take me a similar amount of time on public transit to get to green markets at Grand Army Plaza and Borough Hall. The fact is it should be called the West Bensonhurst Green Market because Bensonhurst is really two neighborhoods.

Rather than try to draw a strict boundary between Bensonhurst’s eastern and western hemispheres, I propose using the true determinant of neighborhood cohesiveness in New York City – the Subway.

It’s simple. Live along the N train, you’re in East Bensonhurst, reside near the D train, and you’re on the west siiiiide. If you live in the western portion, you probably spend a significant amount of time shopping, eating, and drinking in Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge. If, like me, you live in the extreme eastern transit sweet spot between the N and F lines, then you probably spend more time in Midwood/Kensington/Borough Park, Park Slope and Downtown Brooklyn. So, generally speaking, if you live on say 24th Avenue and 61st Street and have a friend on 16th Avenue and 85th (just minutes from the Green Market!), you’ll rarely run into this person unless, I suppose, you both happen to spend a lot of time munching on Mexican and Chinese food in Sunset Park.

Anyone else agree? I might or might not expand on this idea, depending on the response.


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One response to “A Tale Of Two Hoods: Bensonhurst Is Really Two Neighborhoods

  1. Jared

    I agree, Grand Army probably would be your best bet. Plus it gives you an excuse to hit the park, museum, library or zoo.

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