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10 Ways To Know It’s Summertime In NYC

Photo Credit: Jaime Haire via flickr

1.Your bedroom door begins to finally stay shut. Isn’t humidity great!

2.Commercial areas are filled with the smell of garbage and urine.

3.Residential neighborhoods are filled with the love songs of birds in the daytime and of insects at night.

4.Manhattan becomes filled with more gawking tourists than usual.

5.Men wear sandals on the subway.

6.Women of all shapes and sizes wear less and less clothing which can make something as simple as a walk to the store a tantalizing experience for a man. Some unfortunately wear TOO little for their body type but aside from the muffin top belly shirts everyone looks great.

7.Like people’s libidos, the sprinklers in the park get turned on

8.The Rockaways don’t seem so far away.

9.The smell of sun tan lotion becomes an everyday stimuli.

10.You start to wish it was Fall; that’s how you know it’s August.


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