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Welcome To The (Old) New Brooklyn

A real estate ad from 1924 advertises undeveloped land to potential developers

It’s been a while since we boarded the nostalgia train here at Wandering NYC. Here are some old real estate ads I found while scouring Google for the names of South Brooklyn developers and architects. I had hoped to save these for a longer history/ architecture piece, but decided to have a little fun with what I have so far.

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Wandering… New Orleans???

Canal Street, Downtown New Orleans

I thought I would share some photos from a recent trip to a place that may very well be my spiritual second home.

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Blizzard of 2010 Continues To Remind Us How Much Bloomberg Cares

The corner of 23rd Avenue and 63rd Street Day 5

Even after several days of above freezing temperatures, snow is still causing problems in Brooklyn. I’d like to see the snow melting trucks that never leave Manhattan pay a visit to South Brooklyn, where the snow total amounts were some of the largest in the city.

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Brooklyn Blizzard of 2010

Here’s a few photos my girlfriend and I took during the aftermath (day 3!) of this Sunday’s snow storm.

Buried car sitting across an unplowed 23rd Avenue from P.S. 226 in Bensonhurst


60th Street was the first plowed street we saw. The parked cars however, weren't going anywhere.


Traffic on Seventh Ave in Park Slope was flowing well. Bike lanes, not so much



Although Seventh Avenue was the most functional street we saw, traffic was still slowed by vehicles that had been left stranded over 48 hours before



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Happy Thanksgiving (no matter what you’re eating)!

Whether you have to work (like me) or are sharing the holiday with loved ones, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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Old Brooklyn Photos

614 Grand Avenue April 1951

After the recent death of my grandmother, I came upon these old family photos. Enjoy.

Love you Gram.

562 Grand Avenue November 1955

302 St. Marks Avenue June 1955

July 1939

302 St. Marks Avenue

614 Grand Avenue 1950

2110 Gerritsen Avenue Marine Park 1963

Corner of Underhill and St. Marks Avenues

Corner of Underhill and St. Marks Avenues

2110 Gerritsen Avenue

614 Grand Avenue April 1951

May 1945

East 42nd Street bet. Foster Avenue and Farragut Road 1953

East 42nd Street bet. Foster Avenue and Farragut Road

302 St. Marks Avenue 1950

2110 Gerritsen Avenue 1959

562 Grand Avenue October 1955

Corner of Underhill and St. Marks Avenues

Gerritsen Avenue and Bragg Street 1950s

Bob’s Deli Avenue U between Coyle and Ford Streets January 1978

February 1977

Brooklyn Buccaneers Athletic Club 614 Grand Avenue 1947


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