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Hop Stop and South Brooklyn: I call bullshit

I recently attempted to travel from my apartment in Bensonhurst to Marine Park. I’m still experimenting with different ways of traveling via mass transit and as residents of the south quadrants of Kings County know, travel, especially east to west or vice versa, can be tricky.

I thought I would try Hop Stop for a different take on things. It told me the quickest way would be to take the N train to Ave U and the B3 bus.

Total travel time : 45 minutes. Balderdash!

There were 3 things Hop Stop’s supercomputer wasn’t taking into account:

1. In the summertime, especially on weekdays, the buses run much faster.

2.East-west travel is more time consuming and difficult than north-south travel.

3.The further north one goes in Brooklyn, the distances between the major north-south streets become narrower; making east-west travel faster.

I thought back to my high school days and remembered taking the B9 to a friend’s house via the Nostrand Avenue bus. I’ve found that the saying, “you get what you pay for” is usually true. (Maybe for this blog, too!) I decided to trust my native Brooklynite knowledge over some free computer program.

I caught the B9 on 60th street and took it to Nostrand Ave and the B44 Limited, which took me down to Avenue S. Total travel time: 26 minutes!

"NYC Bus" photo credit: Robert Harris

To be perfectly fair to Hop Stop, I went back and calculated the trip using the “bus only” setting instead of “subway/rail or bus”. It did tell me the correct bus-only route but was way off on the time estimate; it told me it would take 50 minutes. This was probably because it didn’t take into account that it was summer and school was out. As a caveat, do not, I repeat do not attempt this during a weekday afternoon while school is in session or you are in for a rude awakening!



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